• New Dampening material inside!
• Retains a Soft, Smooth Feel!
• More Stable Than Ever!
• No Setup Wait Time!
• Noiseless Thru the Zero Point!




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What is Trem King®? The First New Design for Tremolo in 30 Years!

 The newly patented TREM KING® is a vibrato system for  guitar that uses a fixed bridge concept. The bridge plate is fixed to the body of the guitar. The saddles are fixed to the bridge and do not move. The intonation point and string height never change as with many other designs. All the action happens inside the guitar. And the best part is NOTHING happens until you touch the vibrato bar.

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 The Action

The bar inserts directly into the tone block for the best leverage. The tone block pivots back and forth to provide the vibrato action. The TREM KING is able to act as a fixed bridge because the critical balance of string tension versus spring pressure combined with the patented Tension Bar. The tone block only moves when the vibrato bar is moved. When you use the vibrato bar, the tension bar brings the tone block back to the same Zero Point time after time. Two springs are normally all that are necessary to provide this balance. This allows for very light (2 lbs.) pressure to actuate the vibrato. The feel is precise and smooth.

Get A Grip. Really...

Along with the exclusive Grip Tip Vibrato Bar that has an adjustable rubber tip, the TREM KING is a joy to play. There is no locking nut necessary on the TREM KING. You can drop tune and not have to re-tune all the other strings. If you break a string while playing, your guitar will stay in tune and you can finish the song. The strings are easily and quickly replaced by loading through the bottom of the tone block with no cutting or special tools necessary.

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"Trem King made my life easier. This trem can take hard rock and roll abuse and come back off the stage still in tune!"

Trace Foster, guitar tech for Joe Perry