Spring Adjustment Instrustions

The Trem King® is a Unique Combination of a Hardtail and Vibrato using a Moving Tone Block with a Fixed Bridge Plate.  Bend Strings while open strings stay on pitch and everything else you can do with a Hardtail bridge.  And still have full up and down vibrato action.  This feature is achieved by using Opposing Springs that hold the Tone Block at a Zero Point until YOU move the Whammy Bar.

AND REMEMBER when adjusting the Trem King -

To add more pressure on the Middle Screw (Tension Bar), TIGHTEN. 

To add more pressure to the Outside Spring (Tone Block), LOOSEN.

Adjustment Instructions - CLICK HERE


Tuning Tips for the Trem King® Vibrato System

 You can tune your guitar as you normally would on a guitar with a vibrato.  Wiggle the Whammy Bar a bit to make sure everything is moving.  Tune each string as normal.  And after tuning, recheck that you can use the Whammy bar and the guitar stays in tune.  Bend a string or two without using the Whammy bar and check tuning.  Adjust if necessary.  Repeat if necessary.


Make sure you have used a lubricant as recommended.  Trem King® recommends Big Bends® Nut Sauce for your nut, saddles and string trees when you change strings.


Here is another tuning process we also recommend:

Start with low "E". Pluck the string, press the whammy bar down to the body and release, and tune to pitch. Continue to pluck, press and tune until you can pluck the string, press the whammy bar down and when released the string stays on pitch. Repeat process with all strings.

By the time you get to the high "E", your guitar should be tuned AND STAY TUNED!



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