Austin Allsup Gary Nicholson George Marinelli Casey James

Tommy Allsup

Hershel Yatovitz Jessica Drake Joe Perry Lloyd Maines William Rudder
Mcgrath Band Randy Robertson Shawn Meehan Stephen St. Pierre

 Other Artists / Bands that use the TremKing:

  • Probyn Gregory - Brian Wilson Band - Uses the TK-2

  • Will Ray   Will has a special TK-1 that also incorporates a Hipshot® B Bender.  Will says it is a very special sound when   you bend the B string up and use the TK the bend the other strings down.

  • April Wine - Grammy winning Canadian band. Using the TK-1.

  • Kerry Marx Grand Ole Opry Staff musician.  Kerry uses the TK-2 in his guitar.

  • Jack Mazzenga - Jack uses fretless guitar with the Trem King.  Talk about SPECIAL!  Tk-1, TK-2 whatever, Jack can Whamm it, dammit!

  • Taima Steadman - Jessica Drake Band, studio musician. Taima is a believer in the Trem King and uses a TK-1. BiggT

  • Roddy Smith Boots Randoplh, Bonnie Bramlett, Studio musician and owner.  Roddy uses all of the TK models on one guitar or another and will not use   anything else.



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