Frequently Asked Questions
          What is the difference with Trem-King vibrato than the others on the replacement market
          It stays in Tune. How? The Trem King is a fixed bridge, fixed saddle system. 
          The intonation point NEVER changes. Most other vibratos have a moving bridge,
          saddle, or both.   The Trem King has a stabilizing system that brings the strings
          back to pitch every time.
·         When you do double string bends the tone block does not move.
·         You can drop tune to other keys and the others strings stay tuned.
·         When a string breaks the other strings stay in tune.
·         You can palm mute and strings and stay in tune.
     Can the unit take heavy usage and stay in tune?
              Yes, by design the Trem-King will stay in tune
                      ·          Two Opposing forces Keep the Tone Block at the Zero Point
                      ·          No Movement until You push or pull the Whammy Bar
·         The unit has no negative angles from string ball end to the saddles.
·         The tone block pivots on two bearings and is the only moving part on the vibrato.
·         The bridge stabilizer is called the tension bar, this is the piece that brings the Tone Block back to the zero point.
     Can the Trem-King be retro fit?
             Yes. The system was designed to fit most routs.
·         Vintage Strats
·         American Strat
·         Wilkinson
·         Floyd Rose routs without Top Rout (Early Version)
·         And other simular routs
     What does the unit feel like?
            The Trem-King has a very controlled feel.
· The whammy bar is mounted directly to the tone block between the E and B strings giving the unit a smooth and precise feel.
                       · When you operate the vibrato bar up or down, the pressure of the bar has the same, soft and smooth feel.        
            What kind of maintence does the vibrato system need.
1.      Periodically check the spring tension. If the system is not holding pitch, check the spring tension for the tone block and the tension bar. Adjust as necessary.
2.      Please use a good lubricant between every string change.